About us

Walking By Faith Ministries, Inc. is a nonprofit “Non-denominational” 501c3 Faith Based Organization.

Pastor Chandler is the Founder and Overseer of Walking By Faith Ministries Inc. He brings over 20 years of progressive Spiritual, administrative and direct, behavioral health service experience that includes systems development, Pastoral Counseling, substance abuse counseling, marital counseling, spiritual group and individual counseling, gang prevention, training, consultation, and community organization.

As the Ordained Pastor of Walking By Faith Ministries, Inc., Pastor Chandler provides dynamic Spiritual leadership in the areas of motivational speaking, preaching and teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, divine exhortation, community organizing, and empowering the children of God to realize that God has a supernatural purpose for their lives. Pastor Chandler has an authentic “non-traditional, keeping it real style” of delivering the Word of God.




God first reached out in love to us through Jesus Christ. Therefore we, the Ministerial team at Walking By Faith Ministries Inc. led by the Holy Spirit, will demonstrate God’s love through:

• Ministry – we will respond to the spiritual, physical, mental and emotional needs of communities throughout the world.
• Location – we will maintain a viable “diversified” presence in rural, urban and poverty stricken communities throughout the world.
• Discipleship – we will guide non-believers and believers to grow toward Christian maturity in “all” areas of life through bible study and training.
• Worship – we will honor God through praise, prayer and communion with Him.
• Witness – we will share the good news of salvation by faith in Jesus Christ with all people.

Finally the “overall” mission of Walking By Faith Ministries Inc. is to communicate as a ministerial team to all cultures, and ethnic groups the everlasting gospel of God’s love in the context of the three Angel’s messages of trust, obedience and patience as revealed in the life, death, resurrection, and high priestly ministry of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. (Revelations 14:6-12).

Our ultimate goal is to lead the people of God to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord, unite with the church of their choice; and to nurture the people of God toward discipleship in preparation for His soon return.

Our objective as a ministerial team is to provide opportunities to the people of God at all stages of discipleship and to empower them to lead productive lives in the community.

These include avenues for developing spiritual maturity and devotion to Jesus Christ. To edify and equip Gods children for service, and to reach unbelievers around them with the gospel.